There are a number of reasons why you may wish to become involved in travel planning at your school. It may be because there is a concern about parking, congestion or road safety around the school, or simply the fact that you would like to promote a healthy lifestyle to children, young people and their families.

With a rise in car ownership and the fact that many school run trips are still being made by car there are good reasons to become involved in the School Travel Plan process:

  • Environmental benefits of promoting sustainable travel as opposed to the car
  • Increased road safety knowledge for pupils
  • Encouragement of a healthy lifestyle
  • Decrease congestion
  • Encouragement of independence and social interaction on the journey to school
  • Establishment of travel habits early in life

If your school submits a planning application you may also be required to complete a School Travel Plan.

It is important to set up a representative working group to ensure that all groups within the school community are given a voice.

  • The school community is made up of pupils, parents, teachers and staff. An STP should take their views into account.
  • Pupils, whatever their age, should be asked for their comments. Older pupils are often involved in developing the STP by helping with research.
  • You should consider members of the wider community to allow them to be involved in your School Travel Planning work. This often helps where residents are concerned about school travel issues outside the school. They can be a positive voice for the school.
  • There are many other national campaigns that have direct links to school travel planning – Eco-schools, considering the environmental issues; and Change for Life, which considers making small changes to your lifestyle can add up to a healthier, happier future.
  • Tasks should be allocated to each member of the group. These might include a Footsteps Co-ordinator to organise the tutors and training; someone to liaise with the local council; or find sponsorship for incentives and prizes. Sharing the workload is important to make people feel that they are involved and to make sure one person is not overloaded with work – they will soon tire of it!

If you would like to get involved in School Travel Planning please feel free to contact our School Travel Advisor.