The Travel Choice Reps (TCR’s) are a group of students, in secondary schools, who are responsible for promoting and encouraging sustainable travel for the school journey.

TCR’s keep their fellow students informed on road safety and transport issues that may affect them.

They help the whole school

  • identify issues on the school journey;
  • become more environmentally friendly, by encouraging a reduction in car use;
  • increase the health and fitness of the school community, by encouraging active travel:
  • improve safety in the local area;
  • develop essential life skills – cycling, driving, personaly safety

TCR’s deliver assemblies and read bulletins to the whole school.

The themed PowerPoint template can be used for presentations to the whole school or individual classes.  TCR’s should carry out some reseach on the theme and upload additional information, relating it to their school and local area.

Bulletins and fact sheets can be used to promote national campaigns, provide relevant information and help TCRs in their role.