Many national and local policies, campaigns, strategies and organisations support the development of School Travel Plans and encourage active and sustainable travel.

Modeshift is a national organisation which exists to provide a network for Travel Planning Officers to share knowledge and support sustainable and active travel for education providers, businesses and communities, by supporting those working with them.

Modeshift STARS is a national reward and accreditation scheme for schools.  STARSfor is a travel planning system for businesses, FE and HE education providers and developers.

Living Streets
Living Streets is a national charity that works with supporters to create safe, attractive and enjoyable streets, where people want to walk. Living Street’s Walk to School campaign encourages parents, children and young people to make walking to school part of their daily routine.

Bucks County Council works with Living Streets to promote and encourage walking to schools, businesses and in the community.

Sustrans is a sustainable travel charity promoting walking and cycling. The Sustrans website contains lots of information about campaigns and projects the charity are involved in. The Safer Routes to School section of the Sustrans website contains information and resources which may be useful for your School Travel Planning work.

ACT Travelwise
ACT Travelwise is a network for organisations working to promote sustainable travel. ACT Travelwise was formed in 2008 after a merger of The Association for Commuter Transport (ACT) and the National TravelWise Association (NTWA). Both of these organisations have been working to promote travel behaviour change since the mid-1990’s.

Local Transport Plan
Buckinghamshire County Council’s Local Transport Plan sets out policies, strategies and the way we will prioritise improvements over the coming years to address the transport related challenges and issues across the county and in the local area. The third local transport plan (LTP3) came into force in April 2011. It covers the five years up to March 2016.

Smarter Choices
Smarter Choices are techniques for influencing people’s travel behaviour towards more sustainable options. They also seek to improve marketing services such as travel awareness campaigns.

In 2004 a report entitled Smarter Choices, Changing the way we travel was published. This was an effort to investigate the impact that soft factor interventions can have on travel demand.

The Traveline website provides information about public transport information, which can help you plan journeys. These journeys could be local or for longer distances. The Traveline website could be promoted to schools. For example, if students are planning work experience or visits to universities for which they may need to use public transport the website contains useful information.

Department for Transport
The Department for Transport website contains information about national guidance for sustainable travel. The website contains good practice guidance on Travel Planning, Walking and Cycling and Travel to School.