A detailed action plan is an essential part of completing a School Travel Plan. This is often the section of the STP that working groups use to make sure all tasks are carried out. It is therefore particularly important to ensure that your action plan provides comprehensive details of the initiatives you plan to undertake.

STARS – Action Plan
The Travel Initiatives and Consultation Activities section of STARS brings together all of the measures required to produce a STP action plan.

It will contain the following information:

  • Activity– the title of the activity you plan to undertake, ie Walk to School Week
  • Details – information about what is going to happen; when it is going to happen; where it will take place; who will be involved; who will it affect; who will run it; why it is being done; And how it will be done., ie We plan to take part in the summer walk to school week, by running a competition between each class, to see which one has the most number of walkers during the week. The competition will involve pupils from all year groups and will be run by the school council, who will record the results each day on a large display board.
  • Target date – when you plan to complete the initiative, ie May 2014.
  • Complete date – the actual date the task was marked as completed, ie June 2014
  • Reporting – a summary of what happened – what results do you have; was there an improvement, was it successful; what would you do differently next time, ie. All year groups from 1-6 took part. Normally 54% of pupils walk to school but during walk to school week the average was 75%. We plan to run the competion again next year and aim for 80%. The winning class achieved 83%
  • Evidence – provide evidence to show the initiative took place, ie letter sent out to promote the compeitition, copy of record sheet used by the school council, screen-shots of web page

STARS produces your action plan using the online system. It also allows you to set yourself a reminder, so as the date approaches the STP Co-ordinator receive an email to advise that the activity is due.