STP SUMMARY – other information

Relevant information about the school and local area is needed to give readers a clearer picture of the school, its ethos and its culture.

The ‘Other Information’ section of your STARS Introduction should include the following

  • Reasons for developing the STP
  • What has encouraged the school to develop a travel plan? (For example issues with safety or congestion on the school journey).
  • Use information that you have gathered from pupil, parent and staff surveys etc. to support your reasons and issues.
  • Details of new developments planned for the school that will affect the size, catchment intake, or transport provision?
  • The schools involvement in any national policies or initiatives such as Healthy Schools or Extended Services?
  • Details of existing transport policies (such as cycling, behaviour on buses)?
  • Plus any further information that you feel would be relevant.

Schools that developed a hard copy STP can use information included in their original document.