Publicity is an important part of a School Travel Plan. Without informing the school and wider community of the aims of your plan and the activities you are involved in it is unlikely the plan will be as successful as it could be with the necessary publicity.

There are many ways in which schools can publicise their School Travel Planning activities.

Newsletters are one of the most common ways of sharing School Travel Planning news with the school community. They get information across to all parents and guardians. You may like to produce a dedicated School Travel Planning newsletter or include articles in the main school newsletter. At the bottom of this page are example newsletter articles which can be adapted to include information for your school.

Letters to parents
If you have any particular information on an initiative you may like to send a letter home to parents.

School Website
Including your School Travel Plan on your school website is an easy way of informing both the school community and wider local community of the ideas behind the plan.

Notice boards
Most schools will have a notice board to display information and news. You may like to consider including School Travel Planning articles and posters on your school board. In addition schools with Junior Road Safety Officers should have a notice board that the JRSOs can look after and display posters to promote road safety to their peers.

New parents leaflets
Some schools produce a School Travel Plan leaflet for parents of children new to school. This is a good idea. You can both inform those new to the school about your Travel Plan and also enquire about their interest in joining your School Travel Plan working group. On this page you will find an example of a parent’s leaflet you may wish to use and adapt to include information specifically for your school.

Parents Evening/New parents evening
You may like to have a stand at a parents evening to promote your plan to new or existing parents.

School Fairs
School fairs are a good place to talk to people face to face about what your School Travel Plan and initiatives are all about. It is another good way of recruiting new working group members.

Local Publications
Many Parishes will have a local newsletter. This is a good way of promoting your plan to the wider community. By publicising what your school is doing the local community will also be able to see that the school is trying to combat congestion in the area.

Assemblies focusing on road safety are a good way of engaging pupils at the school to think about road safety and sustainable travel .You may also like to promote the good work of pupils by presenting Go for Gold certificates or other prizes associated with sustainable travel.

Travel Shops
Travel Shops are areas designed to provide information about public transport. This may be an area in your school foyer or library. By having information about buses or trains available to your pupils they may be more likely to think about the possibility of using sustainable travel to make a journey. This works especially well at secondary schools.

A theme for a Walk to School Week or other events is not only be great fun but can also be a way of promoting your plan to a wide group of people. Schools around the county have organised days such as ‘Silly Socks’ and ‘Be Bright, Be Seen’ days and ‘Zoo’ themes. Having a theme means everyone at school will have fun dressing up and the local community will also want to know what is happening!

Promotional Events
You may like to consider holding promotional events at your school. Events such as Healthy Breakfasts for those that come by a sustainable means of travel are a popular way of promoting the ideas of your plan.

School should not feel confined to these types of promotion – we love to hear about the all the creative ideas schools have to promote their plans!