Once your school has achieved Bronze Level STARS accreditation it is important that you keep your Travel Plan active.

Bucks County Council have a range of resources and initiatives to support the school to develop and maintain their STPs.

The benefits of having a school travel plan are far reaching for the whole school community:

  • Reducing congestion – it is important to find ways to reduce traffic on the roads at peak times
  • Improving community links – your neighbours will no doubt welcome less congestion in the area
  • Reducing obesity – active travel can contribute to children’s 60 minutes of physical activity per day
  • Improving active travel – encouraging families to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle, starting with the journey to school
  • Children are more alert – fresh air on the way to school helps to wake them up
  • Increasing pupil’s sense of road safety – this is a vital life skill. Walking to school provides a daily road safety lesson
  • Increasing pupil participation – an excellent way to involve pupils in day to day school activities
  • Reducing stress levels – physical activity is good for mental health and well-being
  • Cutting costs – walking is free! The price of fuel is increasing!
  • Planning applications – it is important to have a STP if you are thinking of developing your school site. This may be a condition of planning permission.

To encourage you to do this we provide the following support:

Named Contact
Bucks County Council’s School Travel Advisor can provide guidance on how to maintain your School Travel Plan. They are your point of contact for questions relating to school travel planning or sustainable travel initiatives and projects.

Co-ordinator Trainings
Co-ordinator training meetings are held in the spring and summer terms. These meetings usually include a presentation from an expert on the theme for that term. The meetings provide an opportunity to share good practice and to pass on any news from Bucks County Council and Modeshift. The meetings are area-based, which gives co-ordinators networking opportunities with neighbouring/feeder schools.

The meetings are held in school hours.

Annual Conference
In the autumn term we hold our annual conference for schools. This is the showcase for the year when school travel awards are presented.

The conference presentations are based on the termly theme and there are workshops where co-ordinators can learn about new and ongoing initiatives.

A school travel newsletter is published each term. Co-ordinators are invited to send articles on their initiatives and campaigns, to share good practice across the county.