Whilst reducing single occupancy car use on the school journey may be the primary aim of a School Travel Plan, there are a number of other benefits that can result from travel planning work. These include:

Reduce Congestion
A School Travel Plan encourages people to leave their cars at home and travel to school by a more sustainable means. This helps to reduce the number of cars that need to park, or need to travel, near to the school.

Improving the local environment
Reducing the number of cars travelling to schools will help to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality, making the environment more pleasant.

Improve community links
School Travel Planning encourages schools to make links with the wider community including Police Community Support Officers, local residents, parents and the Parish Council amongst other to work together to work together towards the common goal of making the journey to school a safer and healthier one.

Reduce obesity
Being active on the journey to school can help to cut obesity levels.

More alert children
Research shows that children that exercise in the morning are more alert and ready to learn when they arrive at school.

Increase pupil’s sense of road safety
School Travel Plans encourage children to take part in road safety training programmes giving them a greater sense of road safety

Increase pupil participation
Initiatives run by the Sustainability Services Team encourage pupils to take part and take responsibility for road safety within the school.

Reduce stress levels
Sitting in queues of traffic can increase stress levels in the morning. Why not cut the stress of the morning drive and come by a sustainable means of travel?

Cut costs
Did you know? The average annual cost of the ’school run’ is £3000 for an average family. Walking to school is free!

It’s fun!
Surveys show that children want to travel by sustainable means. Cycling, walking or scootering are fun ways of travelling to school!

By highlighting and promoting these benefits, schools can help encourage sustainable travel. The information can be used in assemblies, newsletters, and on notice boards, in order to help highlight benefits to pupils, parents, staff, and the wider community.