Special education needs (SEN) schools can benefit like any other from the implementation of a school travel plan (STP).

The focus of the STP at SEN Schools across the county is Independent Life Skills, Road Safety Awareness and Physical Activity.

Independent Life Skills
It is usual that the children attending Special Schools can expect an adult life with more leisure time than their counterparts in mainstream schools. Gaining independent life skills is vital to them so that they can use public transport to access friends, family and leisure activities.

Special Schools are pro-active in their teaching of travel training. Pupils are taught to use public transport near to the school and also near to their homes. Free bus passes for pupils with disabilities are available from Bucks County Council. These are valid for journeys throughout the country and are valid between 9.30am (9am in Bucks) and 11pm Monday to Friday and all day at weekends.

Talkback has a project that supports independent travel training at special educational needs schools.

Bucks County Council offers support to SEN schools and has an Independence Skills training pack that can be borrowed for a half term.  Please complete the Contact Us form to make a request.

Road Safety Awareness
Special Schools can teach road safety in the classroom and when they are learning outside the classroom.

Schools can use the Footsteps Training Programme as well as the Scooter Skills and Cycling courses on the web site. Schools can also use the Go for Gold scheme to highlight the need to be a ‘safe passenger’ on the route to school.

Physical Activity
Special Schools can reward children for being active using the Go for Gold passports. Special Schools can encourage scooting and cycling to increase physical activity during the school day and in after school time.