Tackling congestion on the school run has long been a high priority for the county council and has been a key part of our second Local Transport Plan. Since 2001 we have completed a number schemes designed to widen travel choices that have helped to tackle congestion across Buckinghamshire.

We have had significant success in achieving change in travel patterns. We have reduced car use on home to school journeys from 44% in 2000 to 30.85% in 2010 (monitored through the annual schools’ Hands-up survey and School Census data respectively).

A new duty has been placed on local authorities to produce a Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy as part of the Education and Inspections Act 2006. The Education and Inspections Act extends local authority’s duties to support choice through education. Section 508A of the act, in force since April 2007, places a general duty on local authorities to promote the use for sustainable travel and transport.

Buckinghamshire County Council’s Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy, for promoting sustainable travel on the school journey, can be viewed on the link on the right.

It outlines the current situation with regards to school travel around the county and the existing infrastructure associated with this, and details the current work being carried out with regards to School Travel Planning in Buckinghamshire.

Through analysing the current situation, how pupils would prefer to travel to school and the barriers to encouraging sustainable travel, the document outlines the concluding actions for how Buckinghamshire County Council endeavours to further meet the needs of Buckinghamshire pupils and promote sustainable travel on the school journey.

A Parents Guide has been produced to support the main document in order to inform parents of the main information that they need to know and should find most useful. It is intended that this summary document will provide information to help allow parents/guardians make more informed decisions on how they transport their children to school.