Promoting and encouraging safe and sustainable travel for your school journey.

This section gives you information about sustainable travel projects for Young People, and shows shows you how the STP links to the wider sustainability agenda. You will find up to date information to help you run campaigns and initiatives at your school.

Journey Planning for new students
You can help new students with the transition to secondary school by helping them with journey planning, before they start your school.

A number of secondary schools include journey planning in their activities for transfer day. This can include:

  • producing a newsletter about the different journey they will make
  • theatre in education about the dangers they may encounter on their new journey, eg. Chicken!  a play for 8-12 year olds(a copy of the book, with script, can be borrowed from the Transport Strategy Team)
  • organising a familiarisation event to show students from feeder schools how they can travel to school, including a Q&A session with current Year 7’s to share their own experiences.

Please see the templates and ideas in the ‘Downloads’ section on the right-hand side.

Active Travel Toolkit

Transport for London’s Youth Travel Ambassador Team developed an active travel campaign with Brentside High School in Ealing, to encourage more students to walk and cycle to school.  The project was a huge success and was a finalist for the 2016 National Sustainable Travel Awards.

TfL and the London Transport Museum are happy to share their project with us, and invite schools in Bucks to replicate or adapt the project to meet their needs.

Please see below for the case study and toolkit.  And please contact TfL to let them know if you use their idea.