The National Walk to School campaigns are organised by Living Streets, a national charity that promote walking. The campaign aims to encourage all parents, children and young people to make walking to school part of their daily routine. Their vision is that very child who can walk to school does so.

Over the past two decades, the number of children who walk to school nationally has dropped from 62% to 48%, with an enormous 43% being driven to school in cars – despite the fact that the majority of primary school pupils live within a 20 minute walk of their school. We are, therefore, encouraging pupils to make a special effort to walk to school during October. Drivers should also be aware that more children will be walking to school during this period and care should be taken, particularly near schools.

Walk to School Week is organised by Living Streets. It is held in May and Walk to School Month is in October. Schools across the country are encouraged to participate to raise awareness of walking to school and engage with families to join the campaign.

Schools can organise regular campaigns to encourage families to walk to school as often as they can. Think! Education have a range of resources to support all walking and road safety activities. Please see the Useful Link on the right hand side.

Walk to School in Bucks
Buckinghamshire County Council provides each primary school with a sticker for each child. We also develop a Scavenger Hunt, usually based on our termly theme. Schools can use these or produce their own to encourage families to walk to school.

There are many ways to join the Walk to School campaign:

  • If the national dates are not suitable for your school, why not set your own week
  • If you’d like to encourage more walking to school, why not organise a focus week every half term
  • If you don’t think families can walk to school for a whole week or month, why not try WOW (Walk Once a Week)
  • If you don’t run Go for Gold, or need to give it a boost, why not launch the initiative with a Walk to School Week

Schools can borrow our Walk to School banners to display on their gates and fences. These help to raise the profile of walking to school to the local community. Please contact Bucks County Council’s School Travel Advisor to check availability – Contact Us

Footsteps Pedestrian Training supports walking to school by developing awareness of roads and traffic and increasing children’s understanding of road safety.