Co-ordinators and Working Group

What is a Co-ordinators role?

The school will need to appoint a STP Co-ordinator and set up a representative working group and coordinate the efforts of a school School Travel Plan (STP). If a STP is to be successful it must be supported by the whole school community, including: parents, teachers, students, governors and the local community. A co-ordinator’s role is to ensure to promote the STP amongst the school community and logging these initiatives on the Modeshift Stars website as part of the school’s action plan.

Main responsibilities

  • Chair working group meetings
  • Manage Modeshift STARS
  • Manage on-site projects
  • Manage Walk to School Week
  • Manage challenges/competitions
  • Provide guidance and support for initiatives
  • Succession planning


What is a Working Group?

Working groups have representatives from each group of the school community; pupils, teachers, parents and staff. An STP will take all their views into account throughout the year as the group collectively discusses strategies to improve the sustainability of travel and design, promote and implement their STP.

What do our STP Co-ordinators have to say:

I was a bit sceptical about the Modeshift STARS accreditation to start with but I can honestly say that it is the best thing to happen in the whole of my 7 years as Travel Plan Coordinator.  Everything is there all in one place, it can be accessed by anyone in school and is an ongoing story of the way our Travel Plan has embedded into our school life.  It is so easy add evidence as and when it has been done and saves the panic of the last minute report that used to be!  The site makes it clear what has been done & what needs to be done to gain the various levels.