Safe Parking Banners

Zig Zag Lines

School Keep Clear markings (or Zig Zag lines) are placed at locations outside of schools where parked vehicles could be a hazard to children, such as along school entrances. The markings act as a reminder for people not to park there.

Unfortunately some people ignore the Keep Clear Zig Zag markings and yellow lines, causing those schools to suffer from inconsiderate parking outside the school gates. This can negatively impact on the safety of pupils, particularly at the beginning and end of the school day.


To support schools Safe Parking banners have been produced, with the aim of helping to reduce the number of cars parking unsafely and inconsiderately outside the school gate. The banners remind drivers that they should not park on the Zig Zag lines, block pavements or driveways and encourage them to think about parking more considerately around the school.

What are Safe Parking Banners?

There are brightly coloured plastic banners that can be attached to school railings to warn people against parking unsafely and on the Zig Zag lines.

There are two types available:

  • Keep Clear Banners designed to target inconsiderate parking.
  • Walk to School Banners designed to promote healthy and sustainable ways to travel to school.

How can we borrow the banners?

Schools can borrow a banner for half a term at a time. They should register their interest by contacting the team at and will be put on a waiting list. Once a banner becomes available, the team will send the banner in the schools post, or make arrangements for collection.

The most effective way to use the banners is to run a whole school campaign. Schools should promote the banners before and whilst using them, to advise people why and when the campaign will be taking place.