What is a School Travel Plan?

School Travel Plans (STP) are developed, maintained and monitored by the whole school community, to promote and facilitate sustainable travel for the school journey. A STP sets out practical intiatives and measures to encourage active, healthy, safe and sustainable travel as an alternative to single occupancy car use.

Increasing sustainable travel helps to reduce congestion and pollution, as well as improving the health and fitness of children and young people. These are just a few of the many benefits of an active STP.

A STP is developed and monitored by the school to:

  • discover actual and preferred mode of travel for the school journey;
  • identify issues to determine why people do not travel sustainably;
  • set future targets to achieve or maintain modes of sustainable travel (for example to increase cycling; to maintain walking);
  • lay out a plan of action for the tasks that the school will carry out to achieve their targets and aspirations;
  • encourage the whole school community to travel in a safer, healthier and more sustainable way.

For more information, see the Buckinghamshire Council SMOTs Report August 2022.