Cycling and Scooting Policy

What are Cycling and Scooting Policy

Cycle and Scooting policies are designed to encourage parents and pupils to consider both the safety and practical aspects of cycling to school. Policies can also help to highlight the responsibility for allowing children to cycle. Some schools chose not to promote cycling/scooting to school until there is a policy in place.


Cycle Policies may include:

  • Keeping bikes in safe working order,
  • Cycling safely to school,
  • Rules for bringing bicycles onto the school site.

Responsibility for allowing pupils to cycle to school.

Cycle Policies will often be signed by the pupil, the parent and the school in order to ensure that all parties understand their responsibilities. By signing up to the policy families are formally agreeing to its contents, this will help to ensure that parents and pupils act appropriately both on and off the school site.

There is an example Cycle Policy available for schools which can be adapted to meet the schools needs and wishes, it can include any related or relevant information.

The Cycle Policy can be adapted for scooting; however some schools may wish to have a joint policy for these two modes of travel.