Walk Once A Week – WOW

Walk Once A Week (WOW) is an incentive scheme developed by Living Streets to encourage primary school children to walk to school.

Living streets

Living Streets is the UK charity for everyday walking. They work with organisations, communities and individuals to create safe, attractive, enjoyable streets where it’s great to walk. WOW is their Walk once a Week scheme that encourages children to walk to school by rewarding them with collectible badges.

What do Bucks schools have to say about WOW

It has been great having someone to come in and organise the whole project; delivering the presentations and information to children and parents, supplying us with resources such as the badges, certificates and pencils, and providing a very efficient means of collecting and collating the data (the Travel Tracker). It has also been great that Living Streets have done a lot of the data analysis and the ground work for the park and stride map and letters to local businesses. This has saved me a lot of time!

The support and delivery of Living Street’s WOW campaign created huge enthusiasm in the children.