What are Crocodiles?!

Crocodiles are organised walking buses. They offer a way for children to travel safely to school without using the car. They can help to improve children’s fitness, develop road safety awareness and reduce traffic congestion and pollution around schools.

Crocodile Guidelines

Buckinghamshire Council is no longer able to provide direct support for this initiative however the attached document is provided for your information and guidance should you wish to set up your own.

Schools need to undertake a written risk assessment which BC will be able to view and pass comment on.

Enormous Crocodiles

Schools can encourage families to join, leaving a key location and a set time, and walking the route to school together as part of a Fun Day.

This is an informal walking bus, where parent/carers are responsible for their own children.

The Enormous Crocodile should adhere to the main principles of the Crocodile Trail – the organisers should determine the exact route prior to commencement, participants should be encouraged to wear high visibility clothing, adults should walk at the road side, only Police Officer and Police Community Support Officer can stop traffic.

Some schools offer refreshments on arrival at school as an incentive to join in.