Road Safety Lesson Plans

Buckinghamshire Council have been working with Thames Valley Police to develop a package of measures that schools can use themselves, to help to address road safety issues. Safety, or perceived unsafe situations, are a significant barrier to people travelling sustainably on the school journey; therefore the Team also has the role of promoting and facilitating road safety in order to help reduce car use.

On this page you will find a wide range of resources and films that can help you to address road safety issues at your school.


Assemblies or classroom session

There’s a Green Cross Code and a Cycle Helmet assembly.  Both can be played to the children and followed up with discussions or curriculum activities.

Our Road Safety Lesson Plans have been developed to support teachers and others to deliver curriculum activities.

You will find a wide range of very useful age related road safety education materials in the Think! Resource Centre.

Speed Awareness Campaign

Police Officers at your local station may be able to help you to set up a campaign near your school, working with your pupils to make drivers aware of driving related issues.

You’ll find information on other Speed initiatives and campaigns on our Speeding page.

Parking issues

One of the issues that comes up time and time again is Parking!

Schools have access to the target audience – parents – and can help to address these issues themselves through the Perfect Parking Campaign, a whole school initiative.

This could include teaching the very catchy song created by pupils at Tyler Green Middle School in Buckinghamshire.

Tylers Green Pupils create ‘Street Smart’ song – Bucks Radio (external link)