Pupil Traffic Warden

The Pupil Traffic Warden (PTW) scheme has been developed to support schools in encouraging parents and guardians to park considerately and appropriately around the school gates.

Who are Pupil Traffic Wardens?

Pupil Traffic Wardens are school pupils, usually from Year 5 or 6. Most schools run this scheme as an extension of the successful Junior Road Safety Officer (JRSO) scheme since the JRSOs are the schools’ dedicated road safety champions. However, schools can choose to select any pupils to be PTWs as they do not have to be JRSOs.

The scheme is aimed at Primary Schools, however it is also possible for Secondary Schools to run the scheme and adapt it if necessary.

What is the Pupil Traffic Warden scheme?

The Pupil Traffic Warden Scheme unites the Pupil Traffic Wardens at a particular school with their local Police Community Support Officer (PCSO). The PTWs and the PCSOs patrol the area outside the school and talk to parents who are parked inconsiderately around the school gates.


  1. The PCSO approaches the person that has parked inconsiderately and advises them that the children would like to speak to them.
  2. The pupils read a script explaining the dangers and safety issues of parking in this way, asking them to find a more appropriate place to park.
  3. The PCSO is there to support and back up the PTW at all times.

Pupils and PCSOs working together can help to have a strong and successful impact on encouraging parents to think about parking sensibly and also help to build a link between the PCSO and the school.

How often does the scheme run?

There is no limit to the scheme; it can run as often as the school feels that it is necessary. The timescales must suit both the school and the PCSO.

How to start the scheme

If you would like to consider running the scheme at your school, please contact your PCSO to see if they would consider to taking part.

If you need assistance please email schooltraveltransport@buckinghmshire.gov.uk