Get Involved

When pupils are actively involved with travel planning at their school, there is a greater feeling of ownership and sustainability. Pupils generate enthusiasm and run with new ideas. The ensuing pester power is vital to changing the hearts and minds of the school community.

School Council/Eco Council

An elected body of pupils representing the voice of the student population of the school is an ideal forum for discussing ongoing Walk to School Initiatives, such as Go for Gold or special events such as Walk to School Week/Month.

You could set up a group specifically for Road Safety and Sustainable Travel or combine it with ongoing Councils.

Travel Choice Reps (TCR’s)

Secondary schools can appoint a student group to be Travel Choice Reps, responsible for promoting and encouraging sustainable travel for the school journey. They can also help the STP coordinator embed travel plan ideas into school life.

TCR’s keep their fellow students informed on road safety and transport issues that may affect them.

They help the whole school

  • Identify issues on the school journey;
  • Become more environmentally friendly by encouraging a reduction in car use which has a direct impact on Air Quality in the local area;
  • Increase the health and fitness of the school community, by encouraging active travel;
  • Improve safety in the local area;
  • Develop essential life skills – cycling, driving, personal safety.

TCR’s can deliver assemblies and notices to the school.

Travel Choice Shop

Students can set up and run a Travel Choice Shop at their school to provide students and staff with information on sustainable travel for current and new journeys.

A Travel Choice Shop can either be run as an ongoing initiative, or to aid specific events for example Year 6 transition day, Key Stage 4 Work Experience and Sixth Form University interviews.

Traveline provides details for journeys across the UK for route planning purposes.