What are Walking Maps?

What are Walking Maps?

Walking maps are maps that outline 5, 10, or 15 minute walking zones. This scheme is a good way to encourage families to walk at least a short distance for their school journey and park further away from school, to relieve congestion at the school gate.

The Benefits

Walking and cycling to school are healthy and active ways to travel. However not everyone is in a position to do so at all times, or they may not be aware of local walking and cycling routes that can make the journey easier.

Moreover, many drivers do not appreciate the benefits of parking slightly further away from the school and walking a short distance.

Online Walking Zone Maps

Using the Online Portal from Modeshift you can log on and create your own map for your school.

All schools in Buckinghamshire are able to quickly and easily create a 5/10 minute walking zone map of their school and the local area.

Please contact the school travel planning team if you are interested in setting up a map for your school and need more information.